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What we do

Management System Implementation and Maintenance will never be the same again. Quality Circle International Limited has ushered in Next Generation Tools with the development of INNOVATIVE SMART ONLINE SOFTWARES.

These SMART TOOLS are specifically geared to:

  • Facilitate INTERPRETATION and IMPLEMENTATION of the new Annex SL High Level Structure (HLS) Requirements and GFSI Schemes.
  • Provide SEEM-LESS ONLINE MAINTENANCE of the System.
  • Manage MONITORING and VERIFICATION Programs.
  • Conduct PROCESS and RISK BASED online AUDITING.
  • Offer a State of the Art LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS)
  • Generate real time reporting which can be view on WWW ON any device.
  • Assess initial Gaps and manage your implementation process.

Our SMART TOOLS usher in the wave of the future with implementation and maintenance of management system standards in a paperless web-based, un-biased platform. This platform, thus creates a lifelong, economic and environmentally green product which instantly repays for itself.

We are delighted to offer you and your company the opportunity of a lifetime to use the FSSC Verification, Process Audit software and the Implementation Software with FREE restricted use for a limited time of two (2) months, so that you can appreciate what this TOOLS can do for you.

Who we Serve

If you are a consult or a company Rep Seeking to manage you Gap Assessment and Implementation Program this is the perfect tool for you. It provides a simple methodology for collecting assessment information, identifying gaps and creating tasks to complete those gaps. The software generates powerful analytics from the audit and tracking report.

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